Best Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food Update 05/2022

What Is the Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recalls?

blue buffalo dry dog food

In its website announcement of the Blue Buffalo recall, the company reported that up to two million dogs could be involved. Most of those affected by the recall are small breed dogs. However, some owners may have inadvertently consumed the contaminated food and got sick.

So what is the Blue Buffalo dog food recall all about? The American Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) said it was acting on a report that a supplier had adulterated Blue Buffalo dry dog food with meat from buffalo slaughtered in Africa. The company noted that the animal had not been cleared for human consumption by the United States Department of Agriculture. The ingredient has since been removed from the company’s products.

The recall was released on September 4, 2020. No deaths or serious illnesses had been reported by the time of the announcement. The FDA continues to urge consumers to return the products they bought.

Ingredients contained in the recalled dog food include chicken by-products, chicken meal, corn, egg, brewers dried, potassium chloride, corn gluten meal, corn syrup, sodium phosphates, artificial flavor, and sodium lauryl sulfate. All of these ingredients are commonly used in pet foods. However, not all are safe for use in foods meant for pets.

Corn is a staple in dog foods, with corn gluten meal used as a filler. However, corn is a common allergen and can cause allergies in dogs. Chicken by-products can trigger an allergic reaction in dogs, which can result in vomiting and diarrhea. Egg is another allergen and is difficult to digest by dogs.

Chicken meal is often added to some types of dry food, but not to others, and the residue from chicken meal is used as a substitute for oatmeal. It is an essential nutrient for dogs but is not easily absorbed by dogs. Adding chicken meal to a dog food is not safe, because it could lead to a harmful reaction.

Fish is sometimes used as a filler in cat foods but may contain lead and other natural preservatives. Added to dog food is a filler that could cause an allergy. Oatmeal is another filler that dogs often find hard to digest.

If you have concerns about the content of your pet’s food, check your manufacturer’s instructions and read food labels. If you still have concerns, contact the company for advice about a recall.

The company will also offer free consultations to owners to discuss their dog food recall. Owners may be provided with an alternative brand of pet food for evaluation.

In addition to helping owners who want to avoid the contaminated food, the company hopes to educate pet owners about nutrition and health issues in dogs. Owners will be offered free recipes, tips on feeding dogs, and information on proper dog care.

The Blue Buffalo dog food recall is a setback for the pet food industry. Pet owners will continue to buy pet food made from premium ingredients.

Purchasing a safe dog food from a reputable pet food manufacturer will improve the health of your pet. Dog owners need to know what is not safe for them to feed their pets. Before feeding your dog a food made from potentially hazardous ingredients, find out about the dog food recall.